* Portable Dog Yard *


After seeing a friend's use of portable wire dog pens, we decided we needed a portable "yard"! Our new puppy, Molly, really loves here "yard time." She likes to just sit in the breeze and watch the world go by, AND she loves to play fetch. So we decided Molly needed a portable "yard".

We got our dog pen at Atwoods. We had searched online and found it for about the same price through Wayfair and/or Walmart, but didn't have the time while traveling to wait for shipping. It comes in sets of 8 connected pieces what easily fold and fasten together, and in several heights from 24-36 or so inches. There is also a snap-on plastic handle that we haven't used. WireCUttersSince the wire grid is very easy to put fingers through to carry, the handles may never get used! We got the 24" height. To make a secure pen that the dogs can be released in and still be able to go in and out the motorhome door, I had to figure out how to close in the area under the steps. The panels are 24" tall, and although it varies, much of the time the underside of the steps are 12-14 inches off the ground. So, I got out my heavy duty Fence Wire Cutter Pliers and cut the end panel of one set just above the center crossbar, right at the 12" point. Then, by inserting the next panel into the wheel well I could slip the 12" end panel under the steps and overlap and clip it to the next set of panels on the other side of the door. I found I needed to use the 12" piece I had cut off to extend the piece under the steps just a bit to reach far enough under the steps to be able to connect to the next panel without the wire panel rubbing against the motorhome.

That worked well until we moved ...DogPenat the next location the steps were closer to the ground ...too tight for the 12" tall cut panel. Off we went to WalMart to see if we could find some small grill tops. After giving up in the outdoor section, we strolled through the hardware and kitchen aisles until we came across some cooking cooling racks ...perfect! The price was just over $6 for a set of two 10" x 16" racks. Later in a hardware store, I bought six (all they had) of the smallest caribiner type spring-lock clips to add to the clips that come with the dog pen sets. Using the caribiner clips I can connect the cooling racks together to have two 16" panels (apx 20" long) or two 10" panels (apx 32" long). I can use the cooling racks by themselves, or in conjunction with the cut-down 12" panel on the dog pen. We have since found that on rare occasions the steps are a bit lower than 10", but by putting the cooling racks in at an angle, we can make them work.

If I were doing this over again, I probably would not cut the CoolingRacksDogPendog pen panel down until I found that I needed the added height over the 10" cooling rack panels. But having both sets does give us several combinations that appear to work in just about any parking situation we will be in. And if we had to, we could set the pen up in the "yard" as a free-standing kennel. We can unclip one "joint" of the panels to create a gate to walk through, but we normally just step over the 24" fence when we are coming and going. The whole thing takes just a few minutes to set up and take down, and we really like having the pen enclosed with door access for those 3am doggie potty breaks!!

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