* '67 Ford F-100 Detail photos *

ImageImage The original dash is pretty clean and plain - not even a radio. You can see the radio I added below the dash when I found current radios will not fit the dash cut-out without cutting the dash. The dash top padding is original and in near perfect condition. I have covered it with a Dash Mate to cut heat and glare & to protect the dash vinyl. The original vinyl seat (dark blue to match the dash pad) is beginning to split on the driver's side. I have it covered with a "horse blanket" seat cover.

ImageImage The original cardboard headliner is in excellent condition. The door panels are not upholstered and have no arm rests, and the pickup came without floor carpet.

ImageImage With the exception of the padded dash & strip of chrome down the side, this pickup was delivered about as plain as it could be. I have kept the original wheels although they are all slightly bent. It also has the original hub caps.

ImageImage The original outside mirror is pretty miniscule compared with the continental style mirrors on most pickups of that time. This one looks like a car mirror, and there is one on the left side only. With the addition of a panoramic mirror clipped over the original inside rear view mirror I can see reasonably well to the rear.

ImageImage The rear bumper is a "Teddy Boy" manufactured in Western Oklahoma and put on before delivery by Ford dealers in that area in the '60's - this gave farmers a heavy bumper with a built in hitch. The design of this one causes the ends to bend into the body if hit. (all four corners of the pickup required light bodywork where the bumpers had been forced into the body). The left end was also twisted down when I got the pickup -- I got the twist out by lifting the pickup with a floor jack on that corner of the bumper and jumping up and down in the bed! I then trimmed some of the bumper off where it meets the bed on each side, and covered the edge with black rubber door edge guard.

ImageImage The front bumper is a standard Ford bumper in off-white enamel. It had a severe twist in in the driver's side end when I got it -- I got this twist out by chaining it to another vehicle and doing some tugging. The F-100 logo on the sides of the hood is distinctive to the '67 model year. Later years had a yellow reflector built in.

ImageImage The chrome side moulding is also unique to the '67 model year. I had to replace a missing piece on the bed with the very similar '68-'72 moulding which is approximately 1/8 inch wider. (If you look closely you can see the difference in width in the picture.) The inside of the bed is in very good condition except for a few small dents. I secured the tool box to the bed rails with four c-clamps to avoid drilling into the metal.

ImageImage The engine compartment on this Ford is huge, especially with the small 240 c.i. 6 cylinder engine. There is almost room to stand on the ground in the engine compartment beside the engine! In the right photo, if you look carefully at bottom center you can see part of the original equipment small jack secured to the top of the driver's side wheel well. The coolant recovery system is not original.

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