Our Recumbents

GeckoXPort bike carrierWith it's short wheel-base, for several years I hauled the Gecko inside my full-sized SUV on a home-made rack. That required dropping the handlebars. But when I replaced the original seat with a Rans seat, the new seat was too tall for the roof. (left)
...I also created a way (right) to carry two bikes on my modified Performance Bike XPort Horizon 2-bike hitch-mount carrier. For the Gecko, I mounted another fork mount on the tray inside the original to get the crank behind the vehicle. For long wheel base bikes, I had a metal shop fabricate two pieces to extend the trays 16" (turning the front fork around backwards reduces the length by 5-6"!) ... with this arrangement, the rear tire of the very long V2 stuck out a few inches beyond the side of the vehicle. With the optional extension, this rack could carry two more bikes. The picture to the right shows the Gecko and Rans Tailwind on the rack.

GeckoCTE in Ody

After I sold the SUV we bought a Honda Odyssey van so I can haul the bikes inside while we tow the Odyssey behind our motorhome . The V2 fit only by removing one of the middle row seats. We decided this was not what we wanted, so I sold the V2 so we can still carry two passengers in the van without unloading the bicycle. Then, in 2008, I bought a Catrike Expedition, temporarily storing the Gecko as both will not fit in the Odyssey with the middle row seats in place. That's the Catrike in the back of the Odyssey in the picture on the right.

The HPVelotechnik Streamer fairing was an interesting addition to the Gecko. It mounted with two easily adjustable aluminum tubes, and the fairing attached to the aluminum mounts with velcro so there are no stress points and no road noise transferred to the fairing. Actually designed for under seat steering (USS) or for a tadpole trike, it worked fine on the Gecko with over seat steering (OSS), although there was a little minor interference with the handlebars in turns. After a couple years of use, I sold the fairing to a guy with a trike.

The Gecko came without any mfg name or model identification on the frame. After almost 3 years of answering "what kind of bike is that?" questions I discovered DecalZone. You can design your own vinyl decals on the web site, see exactly what they will look like, and then order if you like what you have designed. Prices are good, quality is super, service is fairly quick, and installation is easy. Now the Gecko proudly wears it's name for all to see!

V2V2 front
Here is the RANS Velocity Squared (aka V2) with it's stock Mueller Windwrap fairing and the new style RANS streamlined tailpack/backpack . This fairing also rolls up when off the bike. This is a really sweet bike, and as it's name implies, it is built for speed!

After over 11,000 miles on the Gecko and still loving it, I decided I needed some variety, and settled on a recumbent trike as the solution. Here's the Catrike Expedition the day after it met us in Albuquerque. The Expedition is a tadpole trike (two wheels in front, as opposed to a delta trike which has two wheels in the rear), which gives it greater stability than the traditional one in front and two wheels in rear configuration. This picture shows it without computer, lights, rear rack, and any bag to carry tools, patch kit, I.D. etc in. This one promises to be a lot of fun! On the right is both the Catrike and the Gecko in the rear of the Honda Odyssey as we prepared to leave Albuquerque.

Here are some shots of our bikes in action...

RocketMan on the GeckoFrJ on Gecko
The Gecko is a great bike and gets attention wherever it goes. With the small tires, it accelerates quickly, and loves to go fast! One improvement I made was to replace the 32-42-52 crank with a 38-48-62 crank from a '98 Rans Rocket. For me, the original setup was severely under-geared. So far, my longest ride on the Gecko was just over 100 miles, riding Ohio's Little Miami trail from Xenia to just inside I-275 in Cincinnati and back to Xenia. Here I am (left) ready to hit the trail, and on the right a friend gives the Gecko a try.

Ceci on the TailwindGecko & trailer's the Tailwind getting a first time trial by our daughter -- she caught on really fast!
...and the trial run with the trailer behind the Gecko so Xena could go riding too (she's the white spot in the trailer -- 6 lbs of energy-filled Maltese)! Xena didn't like riding in the trailer all that much, so we sold it after a year or so to some parents with toddlers.