* RV Checklists *

We have found it helpful to develop checklists to remind us of all the items that need to be considered when setting up the RV, or when preparing for travel, when storing the motorhome, and when running through other procedures, especially for those procedures you do rarely. We keep multiple copies of each checklist on a clipboard in the pocket on the back of the pilot's seat where they can be readily found and referenced. Checklists can be especially helpful with procedures that you do rarely. They can also be of great assistance to someone "new" to the experience who may need to assist your spouse if you are ill or unable to help. Below are some of our checklists. They are customized for our particular motorhome and equipment, and may not totally apply to other RVs. However, they should be helpful to anyone in pointing you in the right direction, and in providing a starting point that you can copy and customize to your own situation.

* RV Checklists *
Air Brake Checklist
Equalizing Batteries
RV Storage on powered pad
RV Storage, unpowered
Sanitizing Water System
Stick House Departure & Return
Trip preparation
Winterizing the Splendide Combo Washer/Dryer

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