* Pictures of the fixes that resolved slide-out water leaks *


After our motorhome was in use, we discovered that during rainy weather ...whether driving or parked ... the basement storage compartment in the StorMore compartment of the galley/lounge slide-out leaked water. As we were stationed with the Air Force in Virginia, we were living far from our selling dealer in Texas. We discussed the problem with our local dealer and with Winnebago owner Relations. We caulked several suspect areas ourselves, and had two Virginia dealers attempt fixes several times by more caulking and replacing door seals. Each time when we thought the problem was resolved only to find it came back later.

After chasing the problem for many months, I realized that the leak occurred only when water got on top of the StorMore compartment box. It was then obvious the leak was not a problem with door seals, but with structural integrity of the box. In addition. how was water getting on top of the box, particularly when parked?? On close examination, I determined that the only way for water to get on top of the compartment box was for it to come down the side seals of the slide-out. Sure enough, next time it leaked I found damp carpet at the inside front corner behind the driver seat, and also was able to see damp floor behind the cabinets at the inside rear corner of the slide-out. Outside, I found water dripping from behind the slide-out bottom seal about midway across the storage box ...there was a large puddle of water on the top of the box, and damp carpet inside. Our local dealer in Virginia examined it again, did more caulking inside the storage compartments, and adjusted the slide.

About a month later we were in rain for about three days. The storage compartments leaked much worse than before and the carpet inside was damp again. We were now full-timing, and were in South Carolina heading for Alabama for about eight weeks. After much discussion with Winnebago Owner Relations, we made an appointment with one of the Alabama dealers they suggested. When we made the drive to the dealer for the appointment (200 mi round trip), they inspected the coach over an afternoon and following morning, reviewed the history, discussed it all with Winnebago Owner Relations, ordered some seals and made another appointment for a week or so later. When we returned the second time, we arrived the evening before and stayed in a nearby campground so we could be there first thing in the morning. We dropped the coach off at 8am and went shopping. When we returned in early afternoon, I was advised the tech who told me he could fix the problem didn't come to work that day. Meanwhile, two other techs had removed all the caulking inside the storage compartment (including the original factory caulk). A few hours later, the service manager advised me they had decided the problem was beyond their capabilities, they had "recaulked" the compartment, and their recommendation was that I take it to the factory. Until we get a fix, we are resolved to having to retract the galley/lounge slide into the travel position whenever it looks like rain.

At this point I made a very close inspection of the bedroom slide-out, looking for similar problems. I found no water leaks there, but did find a small amount of daylight was visible at both bottom corners. After more discussion with Winnebago Owner Relations, we agreed to take the motorhome to our selling dealer McClain's RV in Dallas TX while we would be visiting in the area over the months of February and March. We called the McClain's and made an appointment for early February. When the day came, we arrived at McClain's the evening before and stayed in one of their customer hookup sites behind the dealership. We left the coach with them for a couple of days while they checked out the problem and took care of some other service items. We could have had the coach back each night to stay in their customer hookups, but we chose to stay with family members for the two nights. When we retrieved the motorhome from the service department, they had taken care of most of the other service items, ordered some new seals and other parts, washed the exterior, cleaned the carpets (their "apology" for taking longer than estimated), and made us a new appointment to return when the parts were in.

When we returned the coach to McClains, they again kept it overnight. They completed the other service items, adjusted and secured both bottom corners of the bedroom slide seals, stopping the intrusion of daylight and the possible intrusion of insects and/or water (pictures below). They totally removed the StorMore compartment from the motorhome, resealed and tested it with their "fog machine," and re-installed it on the coach. They added some overlapping rubber on top of the side seals on the galley/lounge slide (pictures below), and added a metal strip to the slide wall where it meets the coach wall (pictures below). This combination of things appears to have resolved the almost 3-year water leak problem into the base storage compartments in the lounge slide-out.

Throughout the almost 3 years it took to resolve the problems, Winnebago Owner Relations was very helpful both via email and via telephone. Other than some of my own early attempts to solve the water leak problems, Winnebago covered all parts and labor (at four different dealers) required to get to the solution.

BR slide bottom corner
The above picture shows bedroom slide seals adjusted & secured at the bottom corners of the bedroom slide where daylight was visible. A year or so after the dealer did this, I had to add silicone caulk where daylight was still intruding, AND I had to add clear silicone caulk along the top edge of the metal strips along the bottom of both ends of the slideout (just above the change in paint color in the picture) when we started having new water leaks at both bottom inside corners. I had already closed off all light intrusion, and added overlapping rubber strips at the top like the Texas dealer had done on the front slide (see below). As every other possibility seemed to be covered, the conclusion both I and Winnebago Owner Relations came to was that the full body paint had cracked enough along the top of these strips to allow water intrusion behind the strips. The water was then working it's way to the inside of the slideout, passing the rubber seals inside the trim and then dripping out of the metal molding onto the floor inside.

Galley/Lounge seal overlap at top
Overlapping rubber strips added (secured with weatherstrip adhesive) at top corners on both sides of galley/lounge slide ...prevents water from getting behind the side seals and traveling inside the seals to the bottom. IN SPITE OF THIS, we do still get damp carpet inside at the bottom front corner if the slide is left out during heavy rain.

** My only concern with the "fixes" were the screws visible in the picture above at the bottom of the overlapping rubber strips on both ends of the galley/lounge slide. They were rubbing the slide trim when the slide was stored, and it appeared they would eventually rub through the metal. I had the factory look at this when we were in Iowa for the Winnebago GNR in July 2006. They agreed, and removed the screws. The rubber strips have remained in place without need of the screws

Galley/Lounge added metal strip at seal
New metal strip added (black) from top to bottom of slide where the seal seats ...enhances the seal, and helps ensure seal "flips out" when slide is extended.

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