* RV Travelogue 2007 *

1-24 JAN, MONTGOMERY AL -- As another year of fulltime RV living began, we were at Capital City RV Park on US 231 between Montgomery and Wetumpka, Alabama on the heels of a two month visit enjoying the holidays with our three adult children and two grandchildren. The new year began with a canceled dental appointment at the VA Medical Center in Montgomery ...nice of them to call at 6:30am to tell me the dentist was not in that day, not quite as nice of them to call me again at 7:00am to tell me the same thing again! I am about to give up on my dental work with the VA. This canceled appointment was a rescheduling of my 27 Nov appointment that I carefully scheduled 6 months ahead of time to be sure we would have the necessary time to complete some crowns. Not being even started in January, and having no new appointment and knowing it is extremely difficult to reach anyone there on the telephone (after the voice mail tells you to leave a message, it then tells you that you cannot leave a message as the mailbox is full!) or even if you go to the dental clinic in person, I may just see if I can get a filling repaired by the end of February and forget the rest of the "three year treatment plan" they put together for me in 2005 when I retired. During January, the free WIFI in the RV park went downhill from the previously weak and intermittent service. They say they are working on improvements, but according to the difficult to get rid of pop-ups when you try to browse the web, the heart of the "plan" is to require users to download software that will make each computer on the network a signal booster! No thanks! Then one Sunday evening, after going through the second tornado warning in three days (remember, warning means there really is one close by!), things were very calm and a quiet rain was falling when there was a tremendous explosion outside. Outside, fireballs were visible floating to the ground. Lightning had hit the CATV supply box to the RV park. All our power went out. I found breakers tripped inside the motorhome and on the outside power pole, but even when they were reset there was no power. Several hours later we got power back. It took about two weeks to isolate and sort out damaged components while we limped along on partial power a good bit of the time. We were able pretty quickly to determine damage to a GFCI outlet, computer printer, AM/FM CD radio/alarm clock, television, and the SurgeGuard in the power compartment. We sent the SurgeGuard back to the mfg and they replaced it at no charge!!! It took three trips to a local dealer to get repairs completed to the inverter/charger, electrical transfer switch, and female plug end on the 50a power cord. Now to see what portion of the slightly over $2,700.00 we have spent in repairs our insurance will pay for!! For our stay at Capital City RV park, with the monthly rate our cost was apx $13.49 per night. That included use of monthly rate of $380 for our planned stay, plus 7 nights at $22.50 each with Good Sam 10% discount during the time we had to extend our stay to get the lightning damage repaired.

25-31 JAN, PERDIDO BAY FL -- We had a pleasant drive from Montgomery south to the home of friends just west of Pensacola FL. Jan07 Perdido Bay They have a very large yard and full-hookups for an RV out back ...a great place to go for some great fellowship and quiet relaxation. Perdido Key and Gulf State Park are close by, along with other nice areas for some beach time even this time of year. We were surprised the day after we arrived when our friend's uncle and another friend arrived in their motorhomes to stay the week also! They hooked into 20a power by the garage, and we had a mini-RV rally for the week. The pic here shows us on the last morning we were there after we swapped places with one of the rigs the day before because he needed to dump his tanks and we needed to be able to get out! While there, we enjoyed a visit to Ft Morgan, a very interesting Civil War era fort located just west of Gulf Shores AL. Another great experience was lunch at Lambert's Cafe on the south side of Foley AL. Lamberts is "The Only Home of Throwed Rolls." In addition to the fantastic rolls (which they really do throw to you!), they put on some great southern cooking. When you go to Lambert's, you need to take along a huge appetite!! While there I finally got power wired to the new HAM mobile radio I've been carrying around for nearly a month now. And I found out the on-the-glass antenna works very well, particularly since it is mounted on dual-pane insulated glass!! I've been interested in HAM radio for many years, and finally got around to testing for my Technician license the last Saturday in December. Maybe between the CB and the HAM radio, I'll find someone to talk to!!

1 FEB-7 MAR, MONTGOMERY AL -- On the first of February, we left the Florida panhandle just as it began to rain. We finally got out of the heavy rain about an hour north of Pensacola. After stops at a rest area to walk the dogs, and at Flying J for fuel at $2.33 a gallon, we arrived back in Montgomery at Capital City RV Park at about 2pm. After a letter of frustration/complaint to the director at the local VA Medical Center, I've had several recent telephone conversations with personnel there. I now have a dental appointment set to take care of a bad filling. Any crown work I decide to follow through with will have to wait until we return to Montgomery for at least two months much later in the year. We also have a couple of doctor appointments scheduled during the next month before our plans will take us to Texas. This time we got site 41 at the RV park. The WIFI signal looks a little stronger here than in the previous site, but doesn't work much better. Our repaired SurgeGuard caught up with us when we arrived back in Alabama, so it got reinstalled. TRC repaired it at no cost to us!! While in Florida, we developed a problem with the battery charger display board indicators, so had to return to the dealer to have that and a new noise in the basement heat pump/ac checked out. Apparently the display board just needed to be re-set (too bad the holding tank indicators are not so easily re-set!!), but they pulled the heat pump unit out of the coach for more trouble-shooting. A full 20 days later, after the service manager kept telling us "the tech is out sick," we finally got the heat pump re-installed after a minor adjustment. After three months of talking, we were finally able to get our doctor to make a referral for a hand problem the co-pilot developed last October. The morning we were going to head to Texas to wait it out, we got a call that the referral appointment to UAB was in one week ...so we un-did all our departure preparations and prepared to stay a little longer to find out what the specialists in Birmingham say on March 9th. Our cost this time came to $14.29 per night for one month at $380, plus one week at $120, or $17.14 per night.

8-9 MAR, MONTGOMERY AL, MAXWELL AFB -- Hoping to be in Montgomery just a few more days, we moved across town to the famcamp at Maxwell AFB where the daily rates are half or less than those at Capital City RV Park where we have been. At Maxwell, we got an "overflow" site with water and 50a electric. If we end up staying longer, we can likely transition into a full-hookup site next week. Maxwell has many long-term "residents" in the form of officer PME (Professional Military Education) students here for 10 months or so. There are a few individuals who have been here much longer, although the campground management says they have a 6 mo. stay limit. Because they have so many RVers who stay for so long, they have now set aside "a few" sites with a 2 week maximum stay limit. And after getting settled in, we discovered they now have free WIFI in the famcamp!! All right!! After spending most of our last Friday in Alabama at the Kirklin Clinic at UAB Hospital, we were cleared to hit the road for Texas the next day. Our cost for water & electric hookup in the overflow area was $10 per night.

10 MAR, SHREVEPORT LA, BARKSDALE AFB -- We arrived at Barksdale AFB Famcamp about 5:30 pm after a pleasant all day drive MaggieLookoutfrom Montgomery. The Famcamp is a bit messy right now as they are in the midst of a campground expansion that includes a new bathhouse building. We found one gravel pull-through site open in addition to several open concrete back-in's. We took the pull-through, then returned to the little "office" to move a magnet to site 14 on the map signifying the site is taken, and completed the self-registration paperwork. You can see in the picture that our new puppy is growing quite used to RV travel, and has found a good place to both look out the window, and take a nap, on the back of the couch! After we got settled in the Famcamp, we made the 6 mile drive back to the main side of the base to find the BX and the Shoppette for a few supplies. We also got a base paper to check out the chapel schedule and located the chapel that had a 9am Protestant Worship scheduled for Sunday morning, then returned to the campground for a peaceful night's sleep. On Sunday morning we enjoyed the Traditional Communion Service and fellowship time, then returned to the campground, hooked up the car in a light rain, and headed for Texas. The Famcamp is in the midst of an expansion project. Hopefully that will include re-working the electrical system. There is a warning sign at the check-in area that power is limited to 110v. It should be around 120v. Our monitoring systems told us it was 110v at best, sometimes less. 110v is marginal, and damage to motors, air conditioners, etc can occur at 109v and below. Fortunately the weather was pleasant enough that we did not need to run our air conditioning system. Our overnight cost was $14 for full hookup with marginal 30a power.

11-12 MAR, TYLER TX -- We left Barksdale AFB about 11:30 am. The light rain that was falling as we left the campground ended before we got out of Shreveport, and we stopped a few miles later at the Flying J at Greenwood LA where we refueled with our RV Club discount at $3.49 per gallon. On approach, we noted the RV island was very backed up, so we went to the truck side to refuel. As we left the Flying J, we saw the same trailers and motorhomes still clustered into the RV island area! We arrived in Tyler TX about 2 pm, where we parked in the cul-de-sac beside the home of friends. We ran a power cord into their garage to tap into 15 amp electric, which was sufficient since the weather did not require air conditioning. The stop in Tyler was planned primarily to allow opportunity to get our Texas vehicle inspections (which expired in January) updated. On Monday, I took the toad and then the motorhome to a nearby inspection station whose sign promised a "10 minute inspection." They were true to their promise, and the inspections were easily completed. We had a good visit in Tyler with our friends.

13 MAR-9 APR, GLENN HEIGHTS TX -- The drive from Tyler to Glenn Heights (just south of Dallas) was an easy 113 miles, capped off with a brief stop at the Flying J on the south side of Dallas to top off the fuel tank before sitting for four weeks. DoublesMHWe always like to have a full fuel tank when parking for an extended period. Since we refueled just before leaving Louisiana, it took just 27 gallon to fill the tank this time. Our cost with RV Club discount was $3.59 a gallon. The RV Park we stayed in last year while visiting in Dallas was bought out by KOA while we were there, so we decided to find another place to stay this year. Hi-Ho RV Park is located off I-35E south of Dallas in Glenn Heights. It is an older park with shade, and a mixture of gravel, asphalt and a few new concrete sites. There are many long-term residents (long-expired registrations on old trailers) with some of the clutter than normally accumulates around such rigs, but it is a pretty decent location unless you are into RV resorts. They have WIFI available by subscription through Tengo, which we have used before in other locations. Tengo performance and service is generally fair to poor, but it does work most of the time. The monthly rate is about $1/day. The first row turned over every day or two. The interesting combination in the pic was there one Sunday night ...towing doubles behind a motorhome! Our site at Hi-Ho was toward the rear of the park and had new 50a electric connections. (Behind the RV park is a nice, new-looking trailer park). After a couple of visits to the office to convince the staff our sewer dump had a problem, we got them to snake it out and it worked a lot better! (Replacing the shattered down-pipe from the connection to the below-ground sewer line would help too...). Along with visits with friends, we got in two trips to McClain's RV south of Ft Worth for out annual roof sealant inspection/repair. The second trip was necessary after we discovered the job was not properly done the first time. Our monthly rate at Hi-Ho was $275 plus metered electric. Move-in cost was $310 with a $35 electric deposit. Our final electric cost at $.1375/kwh was $87.59, for a nightly cost of $12.95. With WIFI, our nightly cost totaled $13.95.

10-23 APR, SAGINAW TX -- Under the threat of rain, we left Glenn Heights about 10:30 headed NW to Eagle Resorts RV Park near Saginaw. It was an easy 56 mile drive across Ft Worth TMSafter a stop at few miles north of the campground at the new Wal-Mart in Desoto where we used a Wal-Mart gift card to get a 3 cent per gallon discount on diesel. Gasoline costs have jumped nearly 50 cents over the past two weeks, with diesel going up only about 20 cents. The result was that our price for diesel was just a few cents higher than the posted price for Regular! We arrived at Eagle Resorts just after noon and were assigned a back-in site. The new pull-through site where we were parked near the entrance last year is now occupied by a portable building housing the campground office. We didn't experience the heavy truck traffic noise we did here last year, but this year the owner's 8-10 dogs that are allowed to run loose 24 hrs a day were a real nuisance. The pilot spent one intense weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway just 20 miles away with the co-pilot's sister and husband. They totally immersed him in two full days (about 10 hrs each) of NASCAR. If you have not experienced a NASCAR race up close and personal, you don't really know what NASCAR is about! The picture is from our seats in the 13th row as cars pass just 30 yards away at speeds just under 200 mph!! A week after the races, we visited the Justin Boots factory outlet store in Justin and found another pair of very comfortable Justin crepe sole western boots.

24-25 APR, CROWLEY TX -- While retracting the slide-outs during a tornado/hail warning at Eagle Resorts RV park, the bedroom slide stopped moving. Investigation revealed two very key screws/bolts to be stripped out of their mounts. After some attempts at fixing it ourselves, we made a service appointment at McClain's RV Ft Worth. The day before our appointment, we managed to successfully retract the slide-out. We left Eagle Resorts in early afternoon in light rain, then about 10 miles later pulled off the freeway and parked in a Home Depot parking lot for apx 1 hour to wait for a tornado, hail & high winds to pass out of the area where we were headed to south of Ft Worth. After getting back on the road, we arrived at McClain's' RV Superstore just a few miles south of the I-20 loop about 3pm. They have 12 very nice concrete RV sites with water and 50a electric hookups behind the dealership. We took an empty site, made a grocery run to a nearby Wal-Mart Superstore, and settled in for a quiet evening.

26 APR-11 MAY, SAGINAW TX -- After the dealership proclaimed our slide fixed, we headed back to Saginaw just after lunch. When we extended the bedroom slide on MaggieCollararrival at the RV park, it broke again. After that, I followed my first inclination and spent a couple of days chasing down suitable bolts, cutting one bolt to a shorter length, and attempting to fix it myself. So far, so good, and if my repair job doesn't work, we will see if we can work in a trip past the HWH factory in Eastern Iowa sometime in the future. In the midst of all this, we got our puppy, Princess Magnolia, spayed at a vet in Lake Worth. The morning after her surgery, we found she had already removed most of her stitches. The vet stapled her belly incision together, and put a "collar" (think lamp shade) on her so she could not get to the incision again. As you can see in the picture, she looked like a little flower! It took her a few days to get the knack of getting around with that thing on her head, and she was very glad to get it off the day before we left Saginaw. Part of our last week in the area was spent making a car trip back to Alabama for three medical referral appointments at UAB Hospital in Birmingham for the co-pilot. Of course, we managed to get in a visit to our kids and grandkids while in Alabama too! Xena and Maggie stayed at our son's home near Wetumpka while we did an overnight in Birmingham, visiting long-time friends from the Air Force Chaplain Service. We plan to remain in Saginaw until apx May 12. Our monthly rate at Eagle Resorts was $300 for full hookups, including electric cost. We had to stay two extra nights to work in the medical trip to Alabama, and they graciously included those nights in our cost since we were gone five days and not using much electricity and no water during that time. Our final nightly cost at Eagle Resorts RV Park was $9.38.

12 MAY, WICHITA KS -- We left Saginaw about 9:30 am, stopped for a fuel top-off at the Flying J in Edmond OK, and arrived at Blasi Campgrounds on the west side of Wichita KS about 4:15 pm. We went out to dinner with friends from the Air Force Chaplain Service, and attended the church where he pastors on Sunday morning before sharing a quick lunch before our departure. Blasi is a fairly nice campground with concrete track pads (dirt between wide concrete strips), and grass between sites. All sites are full-hookup pull-throughs. Our cost with Good Sam "cash or check only" discount was $22.50 for the one night.

12-21 MAY, HUTCHINSON KS -- We got away from Wichita about 2 pm. It was an easy drive to Hutchinson, where we arrived at the Kansas State Fairgrounds about 2:50. The parking guides for the SMART National Muster had us unhook our SaltMine"toad," then quickly led us to our parking spot in the RV area. After getting settled in, we quickly found other members of the SMART Fulltimer's Chapter for Happy Hour festivities! The 2007 SMART National Muster started on Thursday, but we arrived early to attend the pre-muster meetings of the Fulltimer's Chapter (secretary/treasurer duties), and to sit in on meetings of the SMART Board of Directors in the appointed position of National Chaplain. It was a great week, with fantastic facilities. Twice during the week, we had guests for evening cookouts that Paul went to school with in the mid-60's, both elementary and high school. Paul provided a "non-denominational chapel service" on Sunday morning with over 125 in attendance. That was a great percentage of the 243 rigs (apx 450 people) in attendance! The picture on the right was taken during a tour of the Underground Salt Museum on the East side of Hutchinson in what was at one time the Carey Salt Mine. It is still a working mine, but not in the area of the museum. This vein of relatively pure salt runs from Missouri through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas into Eastern New Mexico! After touring the salt mine, our group went to the Mennonite town of Yoder for lunch and shopping. Another tour event we joined was to the Prairie Rose Chuck Wagon Dinner & Show near Benton KS just NE of Wichita. It was a very good "cowboy music" show. The rest of the week was spent in seminars, social activities, the annual general membership meeting, and looking at vendor products for sale. The area we were parked in on the Fairgrounds was very nice, with good concrete roads and grassy parking areas. We had full-hookups. There are other areas that have partial (water & electric) or no hookups. Our cost for the 10 days was $22 per night.

22 MAY, ANDOVER KS -- We left Hutchinson just after noon for a 60 mile to Andover KS just east of Wichita where we had an appointment at a local RV dealer for repair to our basement heat pump/ac unit. The RVP/Coleman factory in Wichita referred us to them to fix the problem we had fixed in January in Alabama ...the problem that returned after we got to Texas in March. The unit worked fine, but was making extra noise in the first compressor stage. We stopped at Wal-Mart for a few supplies, and stopped in Yoder for some of their famous cinnamon rolls, and arrived at the dealership about 2:30pm. They showed us to a spot by the rear of the building where we could park and plug into 30a power. Our appointment was scheduled for 8am. I did the paperwork after we got parked, and shortly after an employee brought us a key to the gate so we could get out in the evening if we wanted/needed to. At 8am the next morning, they took the motorhome into the shop. It wasn't 20 minutes later when a tech searched me out to tell me the outside blower motor was bad. He had already removed the unit from the motorhome, and done his troubleshooting. In the past, it has taken techs up to an hour just to get the unit out!!! He called RVP right there in town, and they told him they had no blower motors in stock -- that they were backordered. He asked them to see if they could find one, even in a floor unit, that we could get for immediate installation. A short time later, he reported they had called to say they had one, and a runner was on the way to pick it up. By 2pm, the new motor was installed, the unit was back in the motorhome, and we were hooking up the toad. We had planned to remain in Kansas two more nights, but based on the weather forecast of coming very heavy rains that evening; we decided to get out of Kansas. That turned out to be a great idea, as we learned later that our rally site in Hutchinson received around 7.75 inches of rain in a 3 hour period that same evening!

23-29 MAY, BOILING SPRINGS STATE PARK, WOODWARD OK -- We left Andover at 2:30 pm, driving across Wichita and heading SW on MaggieFlower"state highways toward NW Oklahoma, our destination just under 200 miles away. It was quite windy, but with our motorhome weighing about 30,000 lb, it did not react drastically to passing vehicles. It was still a bit tiring battling the side and head winds all the way. While stopped for fuel in Alva OK, we learned there was a funnel cloud on the ground in the Buffalo area just 60 miles west, and we were planning to go 30 mi west before turning south! So we turned south there at Alva instead. Before arriving in WindmillParkWoodward, we called the RV park we were thinking of staying in south of town, but were told they were full. We had planned to choose them due to their slightly cheaper weekly rate. Next we called Boiling Springs State Park just to the NE of Woodward. They told us they had several full-hookup sites available, so we headed there instead. As we drove into the Whitetail Campground where there are 10 full-hookup sites along with many other water & electric only sites, we found three rigs in place and 6 whitetail deer staring at us!! It was a beautiful campground, which began to be more populated on Thursday as the Memorial Day weekend approached, and filled completely on Friday after nearby Ft Supply COE Campground was evacuated due to the threat of high water from very heavy rain to the West. We saw some of that high water on Friday between Shattuck and Gage where Wolf Creek was well out of its banks. The state highway going North out of Gage was closed due to water over the road. While in the area, we visited several relatives, checked out the "boiling spring" the state park is named for, and viewed the very interesting Windmill Park in Shattuck and the Plains Indian and Pioneer Museum in Woodward. As you can see in the picture on the left, little Maggie was more interested in stopping to smell the local wildflowers. We also found that the local McDonalds charges $2.95 for two hours of WIFI access, but the local library WIFI is free and works even from parking spots alongside the building! Our cost for full-hookup site at the state park was $19 a night. The only drawback was the ferocious mosquitoes in the early part of the mornings and around dusk. Overall, it was very nice park!

30 MAY-5 JUN, ENID OK -- We left Boiling Springs about 10:30 am for the 85 mile drive east to Enid. A good bit of the drive SodHousewas two-lane and a little rough, so we took our time. Including a brief stop for the dogs, we arrived at Brown's RV Park in Enid about 12:20. Brown's is on US 81/S. Van Buren, about 2.5 miles north of Vance AFB. Since Vance does not have a Famcamp, we had to choose a commercial campground. Brown's is a small park with about 20 sites. Most appear to be occupied by long-term trailers. Right up front are 4 very nice wide and long concrete sites apparently kept for short-term visitors. The day before we left Boiling Springs, we discovered a couple of water drips on the dash. Removing some trim across the top of the right side windshield revealed where it was dripping through the windshield seal. Inspection outside indicated the outer molding across the top of the windshield to be coming loose, and water appeared to be coming down the inside of the fiberglass front cap behind the molding and pooling on a metal cross member before working its way through the windshield seal. On arrival in Enid, SodHousefurther inspection revealed the source of the water appeared to be one of the clearance lights above the leaking area. The metal frame around the windshield was also badly rusted in one place. We made an appointment at McClain's RV Superstore in Oklahoma City where we will be next week. We probably could reseal the light, but the windshield seal and molding may take their expertise. While in Enid, we enjoyed visiting relatives and unexpectedly found a retired friend from the AF Chaplain Service! We visited the Sod House Museum near Aline OK where we viewed the only remaining sod house in Oklahoma built by a homesteader, shown in the pictures left and right. The inside walls were unusually nice due to their having "plastered" the walls with alkali salt mud from a nearby creek. We visited the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma in Enid where we viewed rooms full of items from early railroads, model train setups, and a very old locomotive, dining car, and several cabooses. We also visited the Museum of the Cherokee Strip and adjacent Heritage Village in Enid. Each of these interesting places was free admission, with donations gladly accepted. We had a very enjoyable week in Enid, exploring many family stories with the family genealogist. While having cinnamon rolls with family the last morning in town, I was receiving telephone calls from the VA medical contractor responsible to arrange medical exam appointments related to my disability claim filed when I retired from the Air Force 18 months ago! Appointments were scheduled last year, but I was never notified they were scheduled until I was told 4 months after the fact that I had "failed to appear" for them. After more confusion, and having appointments scheduled that I was notified of only the day before I was expected to be present nearly 600 away, I got the appointments scheduled so I could easily make them when we could drive from Dallas to Houston after our visit to Oklahoma City. With our Passport America 1/2 price discount, the cost for our one week stay at Brown's RV Park was only $8 per night for a 50amp full-hookup site on a very nice, wide and long, concrete slab!

6-25 JUN, OKLAHOMA CITY OK -- After the visit over cinnamon rolls at Daylite Donuts, we left Enid about 11:30 am, headed south into strong head winds toward Oklahoma City. Fortunately, most of the route was south or east, as we found that when we turned west even at very low speeds, the small awning over the bedroom window would start to extend due to the strong winds. Winds were reported at 45 mph or higher. We arrived at McClains RV on the west side of OK City about 1:30 for our appointment the next morning. They had 10 very nice full hookup sites behind the dealership where we settled in for the night. After a day's inspection, including a "leak test" in which the motorhome was overpresurrized inside while special liquid was sprayed on the Cowboy Museumoutside, they found numerous leaks around both windshields. They called in a windshield specialist. By the end of the day, in addition to resealing the clearance lamps, they recommended removal of both windshields so the rusted metal frame could be properly repaired. We took what we needed to live away from our "home" for a few days, and headed for my sister's home and a little more "visiting" than we had planned to inflict on her household! Before long, the original "2-3 days" estimate turned into much longer as the repair got drawn out waiting for new windshields after they broke the originals while removing them. We made a couple of trips to the dealership to retrieve additional items we needed for the extended stay away from our "home," and due to the delay, we had to leave the motorhome in OK City and drive to Houston for the VA appointments made earlier. At least it is only a 450 mile drive rather than the almost 600 it was earlier! While in OK City, we enjoyed lunch with a pastor friend from Air Force days, and also spent several hours at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The picture on the left is of the very large sculpture in the museum entryway. There is a great deal of very beautiful art, both paintings and sculptures, in the museum, in addition to a great deal of western heritage memorabilia. We finally got out of town almost 2 weeks behind schedule after staying another night in the dealer's full hookup sites, and then returning the motorhome to them the next morning to complete several things we had discovered they had "overlooked." Finally, we paid them and left town, submitting a detailed email to Winnebago requesting some financial assistance with the repairs. They were prompt and quite reasonable with their response, leaving us reasonably happy Winnebago owners. Our stay in Oklahoma City was very expensive considering the motorhome repairs, but looking on the bright side, we saved money on RV park costs! Smile

26-30 JUN, SAGINAW TX -- It was a relatively easy drive about 210 miles south to Eagle Resorts RV Park near Saginaw, just NW of Ft Worth. We called ahead Owner's siteabout halfway from OK City and the owner's son recognized our name as having stayed with them before, and said he had a place for us. On arrival, he put us in his parent's personal site down in the woods away from the rest of the RV park. This is the only concrete pad in the park! The only drawback with the site was the trees being too thick for our rooftop satellite dish to work. They had a DirecTV dish set up for their use ...not compatible with our Dish Network service. It appeared all other sites were filled. Our plan was to stay there two nights for a brief visit with the co-pilot's sister, then spend one night in Dallas, and then head on south to Houston. But about 3am before we were to head to Dallas about mid-day, we instead made a trip to a local emergency room where I got to spend two days in the "cardiac tower" at Harris Methodist Hospital Ft Worth! After extracting lots of blood, monitoring all kinds of bodily functions, and doing a nuclear stress test, the doctor released me with a couple of new prescriptions and suggestions for future medical care. By the time we left Eagle Resorts, the owners were back from their trip but rather than wanting to park in their site they were hiring a lawyer and initiating lemon law action on their new motor home! RVing sure can be fun sometimes!!! Since Eagle Resorts recently became a Passport America park, our cost for five nights on a concrete slab with full hookups was just $12.50 per night ...a pretty good deal!!!

1-5 JUL, BROOKSHIRE TX -- We left Eagle Resorts late Sunday morning heading for the Houston area. After the first hour of heavy traffic, we left I-35 at Waco for Highway 6 across country to Houston. 6 is a relatively pleasant route to drive. We encountered a little bit of rain along the way, but only a few minutes of heavy rain. We arrived at Houston West RV Park in Brookshire about 3:30pm. The park is a former KOA Campground, but in pretty decent condition other than the very narrow roads between sites. It is located about 15 miles West of Katy, where we will be attending the wedding of a niece on July 4. On Monday I got to do another stress test for my VA disability package! Crazy, but the VA wants their very own medical reports, not someone else's. In spite of lots of rain, we had a great time visiting family members and celebrating our niece's wedding. Our cost at Houston West was $26.10 per night.

6 JUL, TYE TX -- After a few showers in central Texas, we finally drove out of the rain about 100 miles south of Abilene, arriving at the Tye RV Park just off I-20 west of Abilene at about 4:30 pm. In spite of the premium price, it is a very average RV park. The water, electric and sewer hookups are located on the road at the rear of the sites ...very poorly placed, and a long reach when towing and wanting to leave the car hooked up over night. We connected our electric cord only and settled in for a quiet night. With Passport America 1/2 price discount, our cost for one night was $21.00.

7 JUL, CLOVIS NM -- Although we had planned to stay in Lubbock TX for a week to visit family members and friends, we decided shortly before arriving there to continue on to Albuquerque due to recurring medical problems we felt need to be looked at right away. We arrived at the Travelers World RV Park on the west side of Clovis NM at 4:15pm, had dinner with a chaplain friend from nearby Cannon AFB, and settled in for the night. With Good Sam 10% discount, our cost for one night full-hookups was $21.42.

8 JUL-11 SEP, ALBUQUERQUE NM -- We left Clovis about 10am, stopped for fuel and lunch in Santa Rosa, and arrived in Albuquerque about 2:30pm. We had planned on staying at the Kirtland AFB Famcamp, but they had only one full-hookup available. It was only 30a. With that, and knowing they normally have a 14 day stay limit and we plan to stay at least 5 weeks, we called Coronado Village Mobile Home and RV Park on the other side of town. Cononado has a pool, clubhouse w/WIFI (in clubhouse only), tennis/volleyball/basketball courts, and playgrounds. They told us they had several spots that would accommodate us, so we left Kirtland and headed across town. As they are more long-term oriented than the standard RV park, check-in took a good bit of time. We signed a 30 day lease for full-hookup site w/50a power for $425/mo. That includes up to $30 electricity. We stuck with the 30 day lease even though we planned to stay longer because a "long-term" lease would have required even more paperwork plus a credit check. They also required a $100 security deposit. We knew we would use more than $30 of electricity per month due to daytime a/c requirements, and as expected had to pay additional electric charges monthly. Two young ladies in a golf cart led us to our assigned site only to find a small flat-bed trailer parked in the site. Rather than making us wait while they found the trailer owner, they directed us to take another site just across and down the street with a mobile home next door and behind, and RVs across the street. After some discussion about not fitting on the dirt portion of the site where the water hookup would be under the motorhome, the rear would be too low for leveling without the rear wheels coming off the ground, and the mobile home gas valve would have to be dodged while backing in, they agreed we could park on the concrete slab normally used for a patio. It was fairly level, and long enough, with all hookups off the correct side. The sewer "hookup" was a 3" pipe sticking out of the ground rather than a standard 4" RV connection. After some experimenting, and adding one extension to the normal hose, we found our connection elbow would work with the 3" pipe if tied down with bungee cords hooked to dog anchors! We had a little difficulty dumping the first time as the drain would not take the full flow, but did get the tanks dumped. They also brought us a bag of ant killer for a red ant den on the site. The next day, I went to the Heart Hospital of New Mexico to talk to them about the continuing symptoms I was having. After reviewing my symptoms, my vitals and my family history, AlbBikeRidethey scheduled me for a heart catherization that afternoon. By 5 pm, the cardiologist reported there was no evidence of heart attack or clots, and my arteries were "open and clean." Whatever the cause of the chest discomfort, they said it is not a cardiac issue. Great news! The symptoms eventually went away, so we presume the Texas diagnosis of reflux was correct, and the prescription to treat it finally took full effect. The next day, we found the rigged sewer connection oozing water. The sewer was plugged underground, and backing up. I called the office, and they had a guy at the site within 15 minutes. Within an hour or so, they had snaked the sewer from the end of the block and cleared the blockage. We eventually discovered that our hookup elbow would fit tightly into the 3" pipe if the slide-on threaded section was removed. We also had problems with red ant dens popping up, used 3 bags of ant poison during the 2 mo we were there ...they provided one bag. The RV park was apx 1/4 mile south of Balloon Fiesta Park, and we often saw hot air balloons in the air about 7:15am, taking advantage of the calm cooler air early in the day. With two months in the area, we had plenty of time to see and do lots of things. We visited the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History to see a special exhibit on Billy the Kid, and enjoyed a several visits to the Albuquerque Aquarium & Gardens. The restaurant at the Aquarium is really neat, as one wall of the restaurant is the large tank in the aquarium. As you eat, you can watch Sharks, Sting Rays, Tuna and a wide variety of fish swim by just a few feet away! Old Town Albuquerque is always an interesting place to visit, with the old church, some neat restaurants, and great shopping. If you are interested in historical sites, the Coronado State monument (aka Kuaua Pueblo 1300-1500's) just north of Albuquerque at Bernalillo is an interesting visit complete with excavated ruins and kiva wall murals. While our daughter was visiting, we drove the Turquoise Trail around the East side of Sandia Peak, visiting the quirky but interesting Tinkertown Museum and the town of Madrid (lots of galleries, shops, and the filming site for the movie "Wild Hogs." Our son and grandson also made a 2 day visit. On a couple of weekends we browsed the huge flea market at the State Fair Grounds, and visited other local shops, including our favorite, Palms Trading Post. For fitness enthusiasts, Albuquerque has a fairly decent network of paved trails, the best of which parallels the Rio Grande River along the Bosque through the heart of town. The picture on the left was on a trail that passes through a small park in the NE heights. In addition to all the touristy things, lots of bicycle rides, and a few rounds of golf, we enjoyed lots of time to visit with family and friends in the area. We left Coronado Village on Sep 12, and after finally receiving our $100 deposit refund six weeks later on November 1, our nightly cost at Coronado Village including lot rent and electric charges was $16.03.

12-18 SEP, DEMING NM -- We finally left Albuquerque (2 1/2 months is a VERY LONG stay for us!!) about 10am headed south, and arrived in Deming about 2:45pm. After a fuel stop in Deming where we paid $2.99 a gallon for 50 gallon of diesel, we registered at Dreamcatcher RV Park on the East side of town. Dreamcatcher is part of the Escapee's member park system, so provides great rates for Escapee members. There was plenty of empty space in the park, and we were settled in fairly quickly. The park has 84 full-hookup sites, 12 short-term lease sites, and 22 ERPU (5 yr renewable lease) sites. All sites are very level, and because this area of NM is fairly arid, the park is covered in small gravel to keep the dust down. There is very little grass in the area. The weather was fantastic, with daytime temperatures in the 80's to low 90's, and nighttime temperatures in the 60's. Other than a couple of afternoon social hours and Sunday evening ice cream social in the RV park, and visiting the local United Methodist Church on Sunday followed by a Mexican buffet lunch at Primo's Restaurant, a good bit of our time in Deming was spent in attempting to repair the leaking gray tank dump valve. It was quite a job, as the tanks and dump valves are sealed within the belly of the motorhome. 18 months ago we paid a dealership $75 for a new black valve, and $360 labor to install it. The gray valve is in the same area as the black valve, but behind the black valve. After working on it for three afternoons, replacement of the valve seals was accomplished, and the belly of the motorhome was all closed up and ready to travel. Total cost: apx 15 hrs labor over three days, most figuring out how to get access to the valve, removing panels & insulation, and tearing my arms up getting them through the small access spaces to the valve; $2.67 for new dump valve seals; $8.93 in tools (mini-hacksaw & flex drive set)=total $11.60. With weekly rate of $65 plus tax, and $20.60 in metered electricity for the week, our nightly cost at Dreamcatcher was $13.59.

19 SEP-10 OCT, TUCSON AZ, DAVIS-MONTHAN AFB -- We left Deming about 9:30am for an easy 213 mi drive west on I-10 to Tucson AZ and Agave Gulch Famcamp located on Davis-Monthan AFB. We stopped at a couple of rest areas along the way for lunch and for a dog walk, arriving at Davis-Monthan AFB about 12:45 local time, having gained an hour due to Arizona not observing Daylight Savings time. We got a nice graveled pull-through site in the famcamp, and quickly settled in. Agave Gulch Famcamp has 143 full-hookup sites and a 21 day stay limit. If there is a waiting list at the end of your 21 days, you must move to one of the 80 "dry camp" (no hookups) sites and go on the waiting list for a regular site. That normally is SaguaroDMAFB2not necessary except during the December-February time frame. Since leaving Davis-Monthan 20 years ago this summer, we have not been back except for a few days in 1990 as we traveled from Guam to Alabama. While in Tucson, we enjoyed visiting friends we had not seen for up to 20 years, and a high school teacher from 38 years ago!!! We found some good mexican food, and also the biggest used bookstore we've ever seen! We also enjoyed visits to Old Tucson Studios, San Xavier Mission church (built in Spanish colonial Mexico, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Between other activities, the Gecko recumbent got a serious overhaul, pretty much replacing the whole drivetrain and adding one sproket on the rear axle. Then it got several good test rides on an isolated base road that runs past the huge aircraft storage & reclamation area out to the small arms firing range and back. It rides like a new bike, well almost anyway ...it does still have the same old "engine" doing the pedaling! We checked out all the houses we lived in here (one off base and two on base), and found a number of new buildings on base. One thing we remember about Tucson is beautiful sunsets. Here is a sample sunset, and a great Saguaro cactus we saw just West of Tucson. If you have never seen the Sonoran Desert, there are virtual forests of these huge cacti there! Our nightly cost at Agave Gulch Famcamp was $16.00.

11 OCT, EL PASO TX, FT BLISS -- We got away from Tucson about 9am. After a stop for fuel at the Flying J in Lordsburg NM ($2.85/gal for 7.7 mpg), and a time change back to Daylight Savings time, we arrived at the Ft Bliss RV park on the East side of El Paso about 4 pm. Ft Bliss has a very nice RV park located off-post with probably the best concrete slabs & combined patio we have seen. The entrance is a bit tight, and the registration parking slots are way small for us, but after getting into the park it is quite nice. They have free WIFI that works well when it works, but does drop off too frequently. One thing we hope to be able to do at Ft Bliss is to get a military decal for the windshield of the motorhome (our Langley AFB decal was destroyed when the windshields were replaced in June). The Air Force no longer issues or requires windshield decals, but as we often use Army or Navy campground we want to get a decal to ease our entry to those facilities. Since their checkout time is not until 1:00 pm, we should have plenty of time to get that done. Like most Army campgrounds, this one offers a discount for Golden Access (disabled)/Golden Age (over 62) National Park passports. With my Golden Access discount, our cost for one night was $13.

12-18 OCT, CARLSBAD NM -- After getting the military decal for the motorhome and visiting a PetsMart for a bag of food for Maggie, we left Ft Bliss about 11:45 am. We saw a lot of "open country" between El Paso and Carlsbad, with a couple of good mountain climbs to break up the monotony. We arrived at Carlsbad RV Park just south of town about 2:45 pm. In spite of the high-end price, this park is fair to average with dirt/gravel sites a bit short for both motorhome and car, non-standard 3" sewer hookups on some sites, no patio/table/grill etc, and additional charges for 50a power. However, they do have good free WIFI, free CATV, and in indoor pool! While getting everything all set up after we arrived, I discovered the three 12v deep discharge batteries that power the "house" side of the motorhome were very Cavernshot to the touch. I've had to add water a little too frequently lately, and figured they were reaching the end of their life but didn't think it would happen so fast! On checking with my infrared thermometer I found one at 135 degrees, one at 165 degrees, and the third at 177 degrees. I disconnected the battery cables and left just the 135 degree battery wired in, then turned off the charger. That allowed us to have 12v power via our shore power connection to run the lights, thermostats, etc without having the danger of a battery explosion. The next morning, I managed to find three new batteries for about $210 total, and we were back in business as normal. While in Carlsbad, we enjoyed visiting family members we had not seen for several years. We also took the long hike into Carlsbad Caverns via the "old" natural entrance. It is a self-guided hike covering a distance of 1.5 to 2 miles and going down the equivalent of apx 80 stories into the earth. In the picture here you can see the switch-back winding walking path going down into the black hole. After reaching "the big room" and doing a bit of exploring there, we were quite ready to get on the elevator for a quick return to the surface. In addition to the Caverns, we enjoyed a drive to Sitting Bull Falls in the nearby Lincoln National Forest (one of the tallest waterfalls in NM, and totally spring-fed!!), and also took in a movie at a local theater. About half-way through the week, a FedEx package from Alabama with medications for one of our dogs finally caught up with us after having been "lost" in Arizona and missing us there. Sure would work better if we could get the dog medications at Walgreens like we do some of the people meds!! With our Passport America 50% discount, our nightly cost here was $18.93.

19 OCT, JUNCTION TX -- We left Carlsbad about 9am Mountain Time, headed Southeast. After a stop at the Flying J in Pecos TX for 52.8 gallon of diesel at $2.949 a gallon, we stopped for a quick lunch when we reached I-10 in Ft Stockton. Then we went on east across the wilds of West Texas until we reached the Segovia River Valley about 8 miles East of Junction about 4:45pm Central Time. After a telephone call to ask "where are you??" we found the small Segovia River Valley RV Park just beyond the Econo Lodge on the south side of I-10. The only sign says simply "RV Park," and is visible only if you know where to look! The RV park registration desk is the Econo Lodge registration desk! The park is mostly grass, and has 12 full-hookup (30a power) sites. As a Passport America park, our cost for one night was just $10.60. A good deal! It was interesting to note that Passport America membership also gets you 15% off at the Econo Lodge!

20 OCT-6 NOV, SAN ANTONIO TX, FT SAM HOUSTON -- We left the Segovia River Valley about 10 am. Driving through San Antonio wasn't too bad as it was a Saturday, but construction on the I-410 loop did make for some tight situations. We went on past Ft Sam a new miles to refuel at the Flying J on I-10 East. After taking on 50.8 gallon at $2.929 a gallon, we headed back to Ft Sam. As we entered the recommended gate for the RV park, the guard told us we would have to turn around and enter the Holbrook as recent rains had caused a road to be closed. We went on until we found a turn around, then back out the gate to find other gate. Off the next I-35 exit north we found a narrow somewhat deteriorated asphalt road (which was re-paved during our stay). Proceeding toward the gate we could partially see about 1/4 mile away, we came to a railroad track. The track was somewhat uneven and at an angle to the road, so I proceeded slowly into the left lane so we could take the track at a more even angle. Fortunately, I had my window open slightly as the temp was pleasant, and just before we got to the track I heard a train whistle. I stopped, debated going on since the lights were not activated, then heard the whistle again as the lights came on and the gates started down. And we realized our nose was a few feet inside the gate, which was on the way down!! SmileyScared. I quickly shifted into reverse and backed up about 6 feet, even though backing up with a car on a tow bar is not recommended. As I was backing, the gate came down less than a foot from our entry door at the right front cornerAlamo ...the Homebuiltgate arm was just short enough to miss us since we were in the left lane at the time! As the train passed in front of us, I got out and checked the car and found the front wheels had not flipped to the side as they can when backing up. (I watched someone backup about 3 feet while in a tight turn a few years ago, and saw the outside front wheel of the car popped off the wheel rim.) After the train was gone, we were glad to make the crossing with no damage other than a couple of fast heart beats. We got settled into the RV park with no further excitement. The park is quite nice with very spacious sites, concrete slabs with a patio, table and grill at each site. The tree on our site needed trimming and prevented us from parking to the left side and rear of the slab where we needed to be, but we made it work. We suggested to the office staff they have the tree trimmed, and about two weeks later they did a little trimming, but nowhere near enough. We saw no other sites in the campground with a similar problem. If you visit Ft Sam with a wide-body motorhome or large fifth wheel, we recommend you avoid site #50. The picture on the right is of an interesting "RV" in the Ft Sam RV park, there during our entire stay. Note there is a power cord connected to the pole, and running into the "trailer." There are no windows, and the "door" is a combination lift up/drop down ramp at the rear. We rarely saw anyone around the "rig," but did sometimes see a pickup parked there. While in San Antonio, we enjoyed visits with several friends in the area, an afternoon pilgrimage to The Alamo Museum (Alamo on the left), and an evening on San Antonio's very nice River Walk. With a weekly discount for 14 of the 18 days we stayed at Ft Sam, our nightly cost was $14.22.

7-10 NOV, KERRVILLE TX -- We attempted to top off our LP tank before leaving Ft Sam, but the individual taking down the "out of the office" signs in the office told us she could not leave the office to sell us any LP until another individual returned. She didn't know when that would be, and apparently the young man who had just left the office and was cruising around the campground in the MWR vehicle didn't count, so they made no sale! Great customer service ... NOT! We left just after 11am, arriving at Guadalupe River RV Resort in Kerrville just before 12:30. At Kerrville, we will be participating in theMooney South MidWest Regional Rally of SMART. The day was a cool Fall day ...the second day of heavy clouds and no sunshine, but at least there was much less wind than the day before. The RV park is nice, with some sites having a clear view of the Guadalupe River ... those sites are higher cost than "less privileged" sites. We normally avoid RV parks with "resort" in their name, as most who label themselves as a "resort" have a much higher opinion of the monetary value of their parking sites than we do!! (and we aren't interested in all the programmed recreational activities, pools, etc that RV "resorts" normally throw in. Forget the pool, when I am paying "nice motel" rates, I want someone changing my sheets, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the bathroom, and doing the laundry!! We weren't there long enough to get out in the local area much, but did get in on a group tour of the Mooney Airplane Company factory, where "the fastest single engine propeller airplane in the world" is built by hand. The Mooney in the picture here is the last one on the "assembly line," just about ready to roll out the door to the paint shop. In case you are interested in a Mooney, you'll need to get on the waiting list. They produce 8 to 9 per month, and they sell for $600,000.00 or so, so bring a fat checkbook! We enjoyed our brief visit to Kerrville, and hope to return another time for a longer visit! Our nightly cost at Guadalupe River RV Resort was $22, a special rate for our rally group that is around $10 less than the normal rate!

11 NOV, DUSON LA -- With a long day of apx 460 miles in front of us, we left Kerrville at 8 am headed east. After a couple of rest breaks along the way, we refueled at the Flying J at Orange TX, paying $3.229 per gallon for diesel with our RV club discount. That is the second highest price we have ever paid, the highest being $3.40 a gallon two years ago in South Carolina just after Hurricane Katrina. We arrived at the Frog City RV Park in Duson LA at 4:30 pm. Frog City is a "new" RV park, and we selected them from the Passport America membership book as they were close to the half way point between Kerrville & Montgomery. With just two sites vacant, we were assigned to the one pull-through site remaining so we would not have to unhook our car for the night. Nice thought, but our site was located where we could not get to it without some backing up and jinking and jiving of the motorhome, which could not be done with a car on a towbar behind! So, we had to unhook anyway. Then, when we pulled into the site we found it was too short for us to leave the car on the towbar anyway! It is really a shame when people build "new" RV parks, and execute them poorly. This one has interior streets a bit too narrow, streets designed for one-way turns at the ends but sites which require RVs to turn the direction they can't, and sites which are difficult to access due to poorly placed utility hookups right on the edge of the pavement rather than half-way along the side of the site. (In addition to this providing "hazards" when trying to get the RV into the site, this requires longer power cords, water hoses, and extensions on the sewer hose). After getting settled in, we discovered we had marginal voltage on our site (a "new" RV park with 110v where there should be 120v??). After our SurgeGuard disconnected our power due to the low voltage (below 109v), the very responsive management came and checked it out. Their meter showed 116v on the 30a circuit, and my line meter inside was showing 114v on the 50a circuit. But that was without a big load, which will cause the voltage to drop on a bad line. They told me they were aware of a problem with the electrical connections at our site, and that it needed to be re-done. They said when the park was built, the "power was run too far" and "there isn't a wire big enough" to carry the power to this site without too much drop in voltage. The REAL problem here is that most RVers might never know there was a problem here, and wonder a few months down the line why some of their electric appliances failed with burned circuits ...that's what our SurgeGuard is designed to protect us from. They told us they normally put smaller rigs in this site, but since they had only two left they went ahead and put us in the site. It seems it was good that we were planning only a one night stay, and the weather was cool enough at night we didn't have to have the ac on. We might want to check to ensure they have rebuilt their electrical system before we stay here again! With our Passport America discount, our cost for the one night was $15.

12 NOV-15 DEC, MONTGOMERY AL -- We got an early start from Duson about 7:45am, made a couple of rest stops along the apx 420 mile drive, bought fuel at $3.23 a gallon at the Flying J just south of Montgomery, and arrived at Capital City RV Park about 3:45pm. We had attempted to make a reservation a month or so ago, but were told they are staying pretty full and just to call when we were inbound to see if they had an open site. We did call about 2 hours out, and got one of three open sites. Mike led us to our site, and reminded us we definitely need a pressure regulator on the water hydrant. I often use a pressure gauge along with the regulator, and when I checked the pressure right out of the hydrant it peaked at 100psi!! Who needs a pressure washer with water pressure like that!!! Even with an new expansion on the park opened since we were here in March, giving them a total of 80 sites, they are staying pretty full due to construction of a new casino in Wetumpka. This is the nearest full-service RV park, so they get the construction worker business! The water seepage problem into the edge of the park near US 231 has been resolved. A new WIFI system has been installed, with better range than last time we were here, but there are still problems in connecting sometimes, and with intermittent non-working or dropped connections. With the monthly rate of $380, our nightly cost at Capital City was $13.10.

16-17 NOV, WHITE HALL AL -- After we picked up the grandkids from school, we hooked the car on the tow bar and headed east through Montgomery apx 46 miles toward Selma on US 80 to Prairie Creek COE campground where our grandson's Cub Scout Pack had a "campout" scheduled. We were filling in for their parents this weekend, riding herd on our 9 yr old grandson and his 5 yr old sister. We made our campground reservation via www.recreation.gov several weeks ago. Prairie Creek is a very nice COE (Corps of Engineers) campground, and with my Golden Access card I get a 50% discount on the normal $14 nightly rates! We were in this campground two years ago for another Cub Scout campout. This time we got the only pull-through site in the Eagle's Roost loop when we made our reservation ...easy to get into and out of! The first night was a bit cool ...into the 40's ...but the days were very nice. We had a pleasant weekend in the Alabama woods, and the nightly cost of just $7 made it truly great!

18 NOV-31 DEC, MONTGOMERY AL -- We left Prairie Creek about 12 noon and drove in very light mist back to Montgomery. As dry as this part of the country is (the water level at Prairie Creek was at least a dozen feet lower than when we were there two years ago), any moisture is a blessing, and the light rain that began just as we got the RV hooked up again at Capital City RV park, and fell for the next several hours, was very welcome. We had a great Thanksgiving celebration, spent much of December visiting family and friends in the area, and got in a lot of grand-kid time! On Christmas Eve, we parked the motorhome in our oldest son's driveway in rural Wetumpka just north of Montgomery so we wouldn't have far to go to join the grandkids' in their early Christmas morning excitement, and so Paul could spend much of the night tending the turkey smoking in the smoker grill! 2007 was a good year, filled with lots of good visits with friends and family around the country. We put a little over 6,000 miles on the motorhome, and nearly 15,000 on our car (driving, in addition to the towed miles). We have been fulltiming for 2 1/2 years, and have put an average of 7,700 miles per year on the motorhome. We look forward to more RV adventures in 2008!!

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