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A LITTLE HISTORY ... As we moved around the country in 30+ years of marriage, we looked at recreational vehicles of one type of PJ_Aug05another ... all the way from small and simple pop-up trailers to very large motorhomes. We stayed with friends in a pickup camper one very stormy weekend in Texas in about 1973, spent a night in a decent sized travel trailer a few years later with other friends, and years later we rented a small travel trailer pre-positioned in a site at NAS Mirimar in San Diego for a one week family adventure. While stationed on the Island of Guam, we bought tents ... three eventually ... and did several family camping adventures. Somewhere along the way, we decided we wanted to live in a motorhome full-time following retirement. Well, retirement was just around the corner when we bought the retirement-home-on-wheels! While she was vacationing in Dallas in July 2003, the lady of the house found the motorhome for us at McClain's RV. I flew to Dallas on June 27, and after inspecting the motorhome over a period of several days, we signed the papers on July 2nd and made preparations for our shake-down cruise of nearly 1,700 miles back to our home in Virginia. (well, it wouldn't have been quite that far except that we planned to work in an overnight visit to grand-kids in Alabama ... can't miss a chance to see the grandkids!) Thus began our RV travel adventures...

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Following are annual travelogues of our RV travels from July 2, 2003 through the present, and at the bottom of the page are some RV links you might be interested in checking out...

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Some Lessons Learned, Projects & Tip Sheets

Atwood 10-gal Water Heater Trouble Shooting Guide
Atwood Water Heater Flashback Fire Repair
Cottonwood Trees and Your AC Unit
Cummins Air Filter change
our RV Checklists
Entry Door Latch Replacement
Dog Pen/"Yard" on-the-road
Electronics Cabinets Ventilation
Fantastic Fan Upgrade ...added reverse switch
Front Cap corner separation
Generator Exhaust Stack
Headlight Conversion/Upgrade
Light bulbs and LED replacements
Norcold Refrigerator Recall
RV Refrigerator Residential Conversion
RV Tire Care
Winnebago PDI Checklist, 2003 version
Power Sunshade Adjustment
Slide-out Water Leak Fix pictures
Spartan Mountain Master GT Chassis Maintenance Guide
Towing setup
TV Converison from old CRT to new flat screen LED/LCD
Waste Tank Monitors
Vinyl Shield Products
Water System Upgrades

New RV, 2003

* RV interest links *
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Our selling dealer: McClain's RV Superstore
Spartan Motorhome Chassis
Winnebago Industries

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