* Recumbent Bicycles *


The idea of recumbents is to put the rider into a more natural position. This relieves pressure on the hands, arms, neck and posterior and gives the rider much greater visibility. It is also much more aerodynamic than an upright bicycle. Recumbents can be quite expense, though there are several manufacturers with quality models under $1,000. There are many recumbent makers and a variety of designs -- short wheel base vs. long wheel base, above seat steering vs. under seat steering. There are 1-wheel, 2-wheel, 3-wheel and 4-wheel models. A recumbent with the pedals lower than the seat is considered a semi-recumbent, while a full recumbent has the pedals at seat level. Below is a variety of recumbent styles, including one you pedal with your hands!

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Radius-Recumbents: C4 (left)

and Hornet (right)

Easy Racer Gold Rush.

Lightning P-38 (left)
and M-5 (right)

Barcroft Virginia (left)
and Columbia tandem (right)

Rans Velocity Squared (V2) (left)
and Rocket (right)

Rans Screamer tandem

Just Two Bikes Montage side-by-side tandem (left) separates into two single under-seat steering recumbents if you wish
...or the Buddysports Buddycycle (right) provides one short-wheel base frame with side-by-side seats and over-seat steering..

Unique Counterpoint Pro tandem with upright captain in the rear and recumbent stoker in the front

the very unique Ostrad Janus tandem from Germany

Sidewinder Pro Cruiser /w rear wheel steering (left)

and Earthcycles DragonFlyer /w front wheel steering (right) provide examples of "tadpole" trikes.

Catrike high end 700 w/27" rear wheel and 16" fronts (left)

and less radical Catrike Trail with three 20" tires (right) are two of several Catrike models.

Greenspeed GTT Tandem trike

the Freedom Ryder Hand Cycle

and the GEM side-by-side tandem trike from Crystal Engineering in England

the Pickup, in different configurations right and left, built by The Seat of the Pants Co. in England (they also make the ultimate recumbent trike, the Windcheetah)

Cosycycles CC Elite (left) and CC Sportster (right) - they specialize in quadracycles and cycles for the whole family!

and a couple of recumbent unicycles!! The one on the right was spotted on the street in Salt Lake City, Utah!

and here a happy couple considers their first ride on their matched set of absolute ultimate recumbent bikes!

Some members of The Bent Trail Riders of Southern Ohio ready for a club ride from Xenia, OH.