* Xena, Warrior Princess *
* Photo Album #2 *

Age 6 - 12 mo.


(left) Xena loves grapes!!

(right) ...and her Mouse slipper friend!

ImageImage (left) Xena meets our daughter-in-law, Leslie

(right) and greets her "Uncle" from Texas


Bath time ain't exactly fun time...


Xena got purple bows in her hair at the groomer's!!

(left) Gee, that little Gabrielle really gets into her dinner, doesn't she!!

(right) Gabrielle greets Xena after a grooming

ImageImage(left)Xena with her short haircut to fight the hot and muggy summer and the flea invasion!!

(right)And she found a pretty good seat at the backyard picnic on her birthday!! (well, it wasn't really her party but she celebrated anyway!!)

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